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We provide turn-key Special Effects Cryogenic effects installation, service and operation for Corporate Conventions, Industrials, Conference awards, Sports Games, and special events

We provide turn-key Special Effects Cryogenic effects installation, service and operation for Corporate Conventions, Industrials, Conference awards, Sports Games, and special events
Trust the Brands the professional series Cryo Co2 Jets, Sigma Invented the Cryo Jet. Get proven Professional Results, when it has to be right you need Effect Specialist®
Trust the Name Brands that Disney, Most Concert Road Tours, Theaters, Sports teams uses, names like Sigma Services, Hanson Prosystem, Universal Effects, Global Special Effects Cryo Co2 Jets.

Our Cryogenic Jets are made by Professional Special Effect Manufacturers with a long history of a reliable cryo valve that will not freeze open or close. We use four brands Sigma Services, Global FX, UE, Hanson Prosystems effects models. We have our cryo jets at the Theme Parks and that is the industry best statement, when it can withstand use in theme parks. While cryo jets can look alike not all perform alike. We have used and tested our brands for years and they are dependable and the best professional models.
Match our performance seen in the photos to any other. Always look for performance photo's and videos and don't just believe sale pitches. Cheap Cryo jets can freeze open or freeze closed and output volume is not all the same. The long term reliability is always in question with off name brands, we have used the major brands we use for 14 years and give that experience to you when using or purchasing cryo products from us.
Spectacular smoke effects can be created with liquid CO2 to create huge evaporative clouds of white or color CO2 vapor Plumes are used in live performances, corporate entertainment venues, indoor and outdoor sporting events, nightclubs, bars, outdoor and indoor concerts, stage performances, theatre, movies, music videos. We have experience and on the road with KISS Concerts Worldwide, NFL, MBL, NBA, OrangeBowl, WCW, TNT, NHL, Disney, Seaworld, Legoland, Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Blizzard Beach Disney, Disney Cruise Lines, Universal Studios Harry Potter attraction, NASA CAR, the Top Fortune 500 Companies and leading Event Production Companies..

Friday, July 25, 2014

Effect Specialist® uses only proven cryo co2 FX jet effects that the top names in the entertainment industry uses

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cryo co2 FX jets  at disney frozen stage show UE jets
Disney uses the professional series UE Cryo Co2 Jets that we introduced to Disney.
sigma professinal grade cryo co2 FX jets at Disney
Disney uses Sigma Services Cryo Co2 Jets
This is our full service Cryogenic effects AKA "cryo" effects event page. We provide only the Worlds Best and Elite Brands of Professional Cryo Jet Systems to view the cryo systems click the links above.
We provide turn-key Special Effects Cryogenic effects installation, service and operation for Corporate Conventions, Industrials, Conference awards, Sports Games, and special events along with Labor and CO2 Jets Rentals costs. Click Sales for buying CO2 Effects - CO2 Nozzles , CO2 Jets, Cryo FX Cannons.

Cryo FX Co2 LED Jet Purple color cryo co2 led jet rental Disney Demo
cryo effects and CO2 jets rentals
The smoke / fog like effects that's fast dissipating are really vapor plumes that employs Cryogenics technology that employs Carbon dioxide chemical formula using liquid CO2.
These machine systems are the ones you seen in concerts, sports teams and stage shows that burst in a plume and disappear right away while and popping up in various places around the stage.
Our special effects Cryogenic Technicians are ready to assist you in making your convention event program or your conference award night look amazing. We will make your event perfect because we can employ many professional brands of Cryogenic CO2 machine systems such as Global Special Effects, Hanson ProsystemsUniversal EffectsSigma Services. These are the the most reliable rated jets on the market, this why it's important that Disney chooses these brands. They demand the best. Our brands are rated the most recommended brands by entertainment industry professionals.
cyro CO2 Jets NFL Tunnel Run out  nothing cooler

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hanson HPS-Co2-Static-JET Demo, Professional Grade Performance

Hanson HPS-Co2-Static-JET Demo

The Cryo gear of Hanson ProSystems are designed and engineered in the USA. The Original Design not the china copy cat versions. We are Hanson Authorized Dealer. Cryo FX LED and 180 Swing if it not Hanson Prosystems its not the original design. Don't settle on a look a like product. Hanson HPS-Co2-JET 979.00
Professional Grade Performance

HPS-Co2-JET Demo / Zigmont Magic FX Inc / 813.689.6269

The HPS-Co2-JET Features:

• Co2 and Cryo special effects product
• Effect height 20- 27 feet 8 - 10 meters
• DMX 512 with 1 DMX control channel
• DMX connection: 3 pin DMX input and output connectors (Optional:5 pin DMX)
• Numeric DMX selector panel for easy DMX addressing
• Voltage 110v 50/60HZ (220v Available)
• Power 50 W
• PowerCon input and output connectors
• Specially designed HPS noise reduction nozzle
• Adjustable spray nozzle: manually adjust the angle of Co2 effect
• Removable Co2 spray nozzle for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Built in mounting bracket
• Weighted for floor application
• Eye bolts for safety cables
• Available in black or white housing
(Optional: custom colors available)
• Built in male quick connect for custom Co2 hose
• Working Pressure 5 mpa (725 psi)
• Length 7 in (177.8 mm)
• Width 8.5 in (215.9 mm)
• Height 11 in (279.4 mm)
• Weight 17 lbs (7.71 kg)
• 1 year limited warranty
• Designed and engineered in the USA